Obagi Tretinoin Cream

Obagi Tretinoin Cream is a potent type of Vitamin A that works deep within the skin to help address and prevent acne. Available in multiple strengths to meet different needs, this powerful acne treatment has been clinically proven to improve breakout symptoms and prevent the development of acne.

Important Note: If you are a new patient, please note that a screening is required before obtaining a prescription.



💊 Prescription Only: Tretinoin Cream is a prescription-strength skincare product, ensuring that you receive a personalised solution tailored to your unique skin needs. To purchase, you must consult with our doctor who will conduct a thorough medical screening to determine if Tretinoin is suitable for you.

Why Medical Screening?

⚕️ Individualised Care: Every skin type is different, and a healthcare professional will assess your medical history to ensure Tretinoin is the right fit for you.

🩺 Safety First: Tretinoin is a powerful ingredient that requires careful consideration of potential interactions with other medications and existing health conditions.

🤝 Consultation Process: The prescription-only status emphasises the importance of a one-on-one consultation with a healthcare provider, fostering a collaborative approach to achieving your skincare goals.

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