What Is Acne? Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Acne is a problem that affects everyone. Even if you have flawless skin, the occasional pimple can be aggravating, especially if your skin is normally smooth and pristine. These breakouts aren’t just inconvenient; they can be painful, inflammatory, and irritating as well. Furthermore, they might devastate your self-esteem, converting a good day into a horrible one… At one point everyone had acne.

What Is Acne?

You can face acne problems in areas like the face, chest, and back areas, where more sebaceous glands are located. Excess sebum (oil) is sometimes produced, causing the dead skin cells that should be ejected from the hair follicle to stay together and plug the pore. Acne is a skin condition that occurs by the clogging of hair follicles with oil and dead skin cells. Pimples (zits), blackheads or whiteheads, and scarring are all common symptoms.

If the blocked pores get infected with bacterias, you can develop infected acne, cysts, or nodules. The most prevalent form of acne, acne vulgaris, strikes people in their teenage years and early twenties. However, in some people, the disease can last until maturity.

Signs & Symptoms

Common signs and symptoms for the acne condition are –

  • • Whiteheads
  • • Blackheads
  • • Cysts
  • • Redness
  • • Scarring
  • • Nodules
  • • Pustules

Papules (small pimples or bumps), whiteheads (clogged pores), and/or blackheads are the most common symptoms of mild acne (open pores which are clogged). Mild acne can progress to more severe forms of acne over time if left untreated.

If your breakouts are more severe than mild, they may spread to other parts of your body, resulting in pustules (red pimples with white tips, similar to whiteheads but more inflammatory) or cystic acne, which appears as huge, painful bumps beneath the skin. Moderate acne also has a larger risk of scarring than mild acne, which has tiny blemishes.

Causes of Acne –

Pores are small openings found on the surface of the skin. A follicle, which contains hair and an oil gland, is reached through the pores. To lubricate and protect the skin, the gland secretes oil. Acne develops when dead skin cells are not removed from the follicle and the follicle oil glands create too much oil, clogging the pores. When the pores get blocked, it is called a plug.

  • • If a top plug is white, it causes the Whitehead.
  • • If a top plug is black it causes the blackhead.
  • • If the plug gets enlarged and ruptured resulting in secreting the irritating substances and bacteria that cause inflammation. This condition can cause papules and pustules.

There are some other factors also that can cause the acne condition

Hormonal Changes –

Hormonal changes during your puberty period can make your skin’s oil glands secret more sebum.

Stress –

Do you have a stressful situation? Your body will manufacture more cortisol (the “stress” hormone), causing your skin to become oilier. Your acne may also become inflamed as a result of this.

Diet –

 In general, a high-sugar, high-fat diet is terrible for your skin. Foods high in refined sugar or with a high glycemic index (GI), as well as fried and fatty foods, should be avoided as they can increase the chances of acne.

Treatments –

If you are facing a mild acne condition it can be treated by trying some things at your home like adopting a healthy diet. Avoid oily creams to keep your skin oil-free. Try to keep your hands and fingers away from the affected areas.

If self-care and the usage of over-the-counter medications don’t help your acne, you should contact your doctor or a dermatologist (skin specialist). Medications that can only be obtained with a prescription include:

  • • Benzoyl Peroxide Cream
  • • Salicylic Acid
  • • Retinoid Cream
  • • Oral Retinoids
  • • Topical or Oral Antibiotics (like – Doxycycline, Tetracycline)

Severe Acne Treatments –

ZO® Acne & Oil Control Treatment –

This treatment is useful for skin with acne, blemishes. This treatment is designed for oily skin types. In this treatment, a sulfur masque is used to treat the bacteria and inflammation on the skin and focuses on skin repair. With regular ZO® Acne & Oil Control Treatment, you can deeply wash and purify your skin pores. This is one of the best and result-oriented treatments for skin improvement.

Microneedling –

 Microneedling can aid in the reduction of acne scars, the creation of a smoother and more even skin tone, and the reduction of indications of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen and your body’s natural healing factors. It is a simple, cost-effective, and result-oriented approach for someone who is facing severe acne problems.

Final Words –

Dr. Juliet’s Medical Aesthetic Clinic recognizes that acne is a distressing condition that can have a significant impact on your self-esteem and social interactions. Our goal is to provide you with the greatest possible results in the safest way possible. You can rest assured that we will provide you with safe and effective acne treatment.



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